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One Magic Square: The Easy, Organic Way to Grow Your Own Food on a 3-Foot Square

by Lolo Houbein

Inspiring book written by a woman who understands how fragile the food chain is. Ms. Houbein grew up in Europe in the 1940's when, due to war, her region suffered a famine. Houbein learned how easily your food supply can be cut off and how important it is to take responsibility for at least a portion of your own food production.

Despite this harsh experience, her joy and love of gardening come through loud and clear and she is rather laid back about it. Still, she warns about things like terminator seeds (food which has insanely been altered with terminator genes so that they yield no viable seeds) and how to save your own seeds. There are tons of creative and practical gardening ideas. Her story is as compelling as her gardening tips and this is a fascinating read.

Not only are there step-by-step instructions, but the need for and love of planting your own food is expressed so touchingly and basically here.


Garden Drip Water , Low Pressure Timers, Zero Pressure Timers, Drip Irrigation Timers
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Grow Garden With Drip Irrigation   

Many of them consider drip irrigation to be an effective irrigation system appropriate for almost all sorts of plants, shrubs and lawn.

You may come across several drip kits and forms of drip irrigation tools that you can utilize for making your irrigation task simpler. Here are few guidelines and tips you can follow to take utmost advantage from your irrigation drip system.

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When it comes to watering your garden with the assist of a drip watering system, you do not always need fresh water. You might also utilize recycled municipal waste water. Furthermore, using this system you can provide your plants precise amount of water and conserve water considerably. Furthermore there are number of remarkable advantages that can inspire you to use this watering method for your garden.

Apparent Advantages of A Well Installed Drip System

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If your irrigation design and setup is proper, and you can manage your watering system wisely, you will be able to conserve water. A drip system helps distributing water drops drop by drop righ over the roots of plants and therefore there is no loss of water because of water spillage or evaporation. As water drops reach the base of plants quickly, there is no waste of water because of wind drift. In other words, water does not go wasted anyhow. Therefore, you can absolutely prefer drip watering system rather than of flood irrigation or overhead sprinklers as they result in water spillage.

Some Other remarkable benefit of installing a drip watering system is you can get rid of number of diseases which are spread through water coming in contact with foliage. You can just think of the area where there is inadequate amount of water to drink, then how to grow plants and vegetations in such shortage of water? Just drip or micro irrigation would be the perfect solution for such instances. In the zones where uneven land and sandy soil slow and drip watering is the answer which can be carried out with this this watering system only.

Because of such apparent benefits, this drip watering method and system is widely used in nurseries, farms, as well as residential gardens. Moreover, it is very much effective for the herbs as well as plants like coconuts, grapes, bananas, strawberries and tomatoes.

Drip Kits and Components

Drip kits consist of a timer, hose and emitter and are more and more popular among the homeowners as well as nurserymen. You can get hold of several drip watering kits and components with a view to set up foremost irrigation system to your garden and to help to make your irrigation task simple and effective. If you want to know more about drip watering and the best use of dip watering system, its design and installation, how to save water and more related issues, visit dripirrigationzone.com which is full of beneficial information you can benefit from.

Drip sprinkler system the best way to irrigate your lawn. To explore more about the drip irrigation system visit Dripirrigationzone.com.

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