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All New Square Foot Gardening: Grow More in Less Space! by Mel Bartholomew

This version has suggestions for protecting the plants from critters of all kinds as well as ideas for hoop houses to extend the gardening season. The book is full color and much easier to read than the older version. Even if you already have the original book, the new one is worth buying. He's added some updated information based on 25 years of sqft gardening experience from around the globe. The website is also interesting as it contains photos and such of square foot gardens from all over the world.

It takes a little bit of effort to build your garden boxes and grid system but you only have to do it once. The new one gives you wonderfull ideas on small space gardening, less weeding, less watering and soil improvement (composting and Mels mix) where it is need, not where you walk. It gives you square foot gardening planting ideas, aisle covering and tips, trellis ideas, vegetable covers and seasonal rotation sugestions. There is a list on what are the best vegetables to plant, where to plant them, how many you can plant in a square foot, buying less seeds and getting more vegetables.

There is a very nice "AT A GLANCE" index for vegetable,some herbs and some flowers. There is an indepth description of vegetagles sugested for this garden type. There are penny pincher tips for the gardener and guides on whewther you want a small family garden,

Don't settle for the other imitators. Mel is the originator of this method and deserves to profit it from it, not the other copycats. As well, his nonprofit organization is designed to help spread this method across the world and help families in third world countries grow at least some of their own food. Go Mel!! Become part of the population who says no to high priced gardening gadgets, wasted land, water and energy and become a responsible steward of our precious land and resources.


Planting in a Greenhouse, Florida Vegetable Gardening ,
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Vegetable Gardening in Southeast Florida Corn Fields   

Vegetable gardening in southeast Florida corn fields produces 20 per cent of the nation's fresh vegetables. Unknown to most people, Florida is the major producer of fresh sweet corn in the United States.

While rotating fields, vegetable gardening in southeast Florida corn fields can produce peppers, tomatoes, greens and herbs. However, it is becoming more popular to plant corn on corn in these fields. Economically, it is the smartest farming in Florida today.

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Corn on Corn Rotation

Vegetable gardening in southeast Florida corn on corn rotations are grown in "muck soils". Actually 75 per cent of the corn on corn rotation is grown in the "muck soils". The distance between rows is 30 inches and 6 to 8 inches between plants. The best sand to use is loamy Riviera sand.

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Generally, the sweet corn cultivation in Florida is between the months of January and June. These sweet corn plants will need 64 to 90 days of maturation from seeding to harvest. The harvest of sweet corn will then occur over a period of weeks to several months. This timing directly corresponds to the rainy season and climate. All of the vegetable gardening in southeast Florida corn farming depends greatly on the climate. Corn on corn rotations requires more management, more nitrogen, more fertilization, better seeds and more tillage. But the results of higher crop yield and better corn are well worth the time, effort and expense.

Pests and Disease

Vegetable gardening in southeast Florida corn farming has transferred mainly to the corn on corn rotation system because of rootworm. The rootworm was destroying a majority of the crops in Florida. Therefore, a change in strategy was needed. Now the only agricultural problem they have to deal with is leaf disease. This is a lesser and easier disease for vegetable gardening in southeast Florida corn fields.

Corn Festival

Unknown to many of the tourists who flock to Florida each year, is the Zellwood Corn Festival. At the end of May each year, vegetable gardening in southeast Florida corn farming becomes fun and adventurous. Not only is there a huge corn maze, arts and corn crafts booths, music and kiddie rides, but "Big Bertha" and her 350 gallon pot of sweet corn. "Big Bertha" cooks 1, 650 ears of corn in nine minutes! This corn festival is supported by a single farm, the Long and Scott Farm of Zellwood, Florida. So when you need a break from Mickey and Minnie, take a drive out to the Corn Festival and taste the best vegetable Florida has to offer.

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