"Greenhouse , Shrink Wrap Domes"

The Earth Sheltered Solar Greenhouse Book by Mike Oehler

If you are concerned about building an above ground greenhouse due to the fact that you would have to run electricity to the building to heat/cool it, you need to consider the earth berm concept. The earth berm concept is so painfully smart, why are not more people practice this?

The author seems to be just about the only person around advocating earth-sheltered greenhouses. The concept is simple, the book supporting the concept is from the author's personal experience.

This book also solved the problem of a location for vermiculture and where to house the chickens I am soon to get for the winter.


Greenhouse , Shrink Wrap Domes
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Have you ever thought of having a greenhouse.Greenhouse is like a paradise for gardeners.If you don't have one just because you think it is too expensive, you can build a cheap greenhouse yourself.Here...

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When you think about greenhouse gardening, you probably think about the large commercial greenhouses that are owned by farmers, or perhaps by a nursery. You do not normally think about a small shed-like...

Greenhouse Hobby by Steve Buchanan

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Energy Free Greenhouse * Greenhouse

3 Things to Consider when Building a Greenhouse   
Holly Masters

A greenhouse has the potential to provide many benefits for the average flower-lover. However, if they are not built in the appropriate location the results can be detrimental. That said, before you build a greenhouse, it is important to consider all aspects in order to ensure you receive the best results possible.

If you are thinking of building a greenhouse, but are unsure of factors which can affect the outcome, read the information below which will inform you on everything you need to know before you start building. Consider the following factors when determining where you are going to build your greenhouse:

1.Light - Everyone knows that plants need light to grow and sunlight is even more crucial for greenhouses because there are so many different types of plants and flowers requiring light. You do not want to build your greenhouse in an area which receives no sunlight at all however you do not want to build it in an area which receives too much sun either. Not enough can be harmful to the plants and flowers, yet so can too much sun. You will want to build your greenhouse in an area which receives a minimum of 6 full hours of sunlight a day. You may also want to consider planting a tree on either side of your lighthouse which will provide some shade through the day. Overhanging trees are not a good idea and may put your greenhouse in danger due to falling branches.

2. Convenience - You will want to build your greenhouse in a convenient area which can be easily accessed, but is not in an area which may be targeted by high winds. You don't want to have to walk a mile just to get to your greenhouse because chances are you won't maintain it as well this way. Other things to consider when building your greenhouse are access to electricity and water. These are important in the successful functioning of your greenhouse.

3.Setting - The actual setting of your greenhouse will greatly affect its overall performance. Many areas throughout the world receive high levels of rain during certain times of the year. This can be detrimental to operation of your greenhouse since too much rain can cause flooding inside. The best way to ensure this doesn't happen is by building your greenhouse in a high level area that is a great deal higher than most of the other property.

Choosing the location of your greenhouse is the most important factor you will need to consider. Take your time and research all your options before you start building. A greenhouse is a large investment and you want to make sure the money you spend now will be worth it in the future.

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DUBAI, Apr 4th, 2010: In one of the regions landmark sustainability initiatives, Burj Khalifa, the worlds tallest building developed by Emaar Properties in Dubai, is tapping solar power for meeting a bulk...


Holly Masters loves to garden and takes pride in her greenhouse. She has spent much time learning proper hydroponics and serves as a contributing writer for http://www.greenhousesandgazebos.com - a site that offers information about everything from storage sheds to gazebos.

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School Gardens: • Significantly increase science achievement scores. by Klemmer, C. D., T. M. Waliczek, and J. M. Zajicek. 2005. Growing minds: The effect of a school gardening program on the science...

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For people who have a backyard big enough to build a greenhouse, they can experience a new type of gardening that most people will never get to try. Greenhouse Vegetable gardening allows people to move...

Greenhouse Calamities - Thoughts from a Novice Gardener by Holly Masters

Greenhouses are a great addition to anyone's garden. They come in all different sizes and you can nestle them right where you want them and with smaller versions of greenhouses you can move them quite...

Crops for Winter Greenhouse Vegetable Gardening by

Most crops for winter greenhouse vegetable gardening doesn't necessarily need to be heated; only certain plants need extreme heat year round, tropical fruits for example can need extra heat in the winter....

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The American Solar Energy Society is a national non-profit group that dedicates itself to promoting and advancing solar energy use to benefits the national as well as global environment. It is the ASES...