A Community Supported Agriculture Exchange (CSAX) is similar to a normal CSA except there is no charge for the members that grows something for the exchange.

"Fall Gardening , Oregon Community Supported Agriculture"

Eat Where You Live: How to Find and Enjoy Fantastic Local and Sustainable Food No Matter Where You Live

by Lou Bendrick

Importing from far away can take its toll on the planet, with all of the emissions cars and planes leave behind. "Eat Where You Live; How to Find and Enjoy Local and Sustainable Food No Matter Where You Live" is a guide to finding truly fresh food, since even the freshest import has been chilled and kept before days before it hits one's personal refrigerator.

With advice on tips on finding locally and naturally grown food, it offers a humorous guide to finding the best food one can buy and support your local farms. "Eat Where You Live" is a fine manual, a must for those looking to eat healthier and fresher.

Lou Bendrick has finally given voice to those of us who want to be more proactive when it comes to being "green."


Fall Gardening , Oregon Community Supported Agriculture
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Is a Year Around CSA possible? * Fall Gardening

Fall Vegetable Gardening Ideas   
Carl LaFresnaye

When most of us think of vegetable gardening, planting in the spring and harvesting in the fall is what usually comes to mind.

This doesn't have to be the case, though. In fact, there are certain species that are very well suited for fall gardening. Just because the weather is getting cooler doesn't mean you have pack up the gardening tools for the year. Here are some fall gardening ideas for those who want to keep the fresh veggies rolling in.

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Things To Consider

Before you start your fall gardening project, you're going to have to do a little homework. You're going to have to find out a little bit about the weather in your area. Fall weather patterns, average first frost and what zone you live in are all key pieces of information. The zone system divides the country into different areas according to climate and weather. It was developed to aid gardeners in finding the right plants for their area. Most plants will be rated as to what zones they will do best in.

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You can easily find out what zone you live in by looking online for growing zone maps. These sites may also have suggestions for what types of plants are recommended for each zone. This will be important information for you to have as not all vegetables will grow well in every zone, especially in the fall. Some of the best vegetables for fall gardening include beets, broccoli, lettuce, carrots, cabbage, onions, and radishes among others.


The key to successful fall gardening is in the timing. This involves figuring out the best time to plant your vegetables so that they can mature before the first frost. Your seed packets will indicate the maturation time of each vegetable. You'll also need the estimated first frost date for your growing zone as discussed above. Take the maturation period and add approximately 21 days to it.

Then, take that number, and count back from the first frost date to determine your planting date. One problem you might run into is that some cool weather seeds will not germinate well in the hot weather of summer. In this case, start your plants inside, and then move them outside after about 30 days.

Frost Protection

Obviously, protecting your fall gardening project from frost is the next most important thing to consider. Covering your plants with a blanket or sheet or some other homemade cover should be sufficient for protecting the plants themselves. Using a thick layer of mulch around your plants will help keep the ground from freezing as fast. Watering your crops the evening before the frost will also help to slow down the freezing process.

By following some of these tips, you can keep a fresh supply of healthy produce coming in all the way through Thanksgiving.

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